Ways to make a living off sports

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Playing Sports

Playing a sport at a fairly high level is the most obvious way of making a living through sports. Some sports, though, are easier to make a living at than others. Tens of thousands of soccer players around the world can earn a living wage and more at professional and semi-professional level. However, for any tennis player outside the world top 300, then making a living becomes very difficult. Tennis players at this level also aren’t sheltered by being in a team environment, so will have to sort out many of their arrangements themselves. Another individual sport, golf, can offer an opportunity through becoming a professional at a local club. This can also act as a stepping stone to a more lucrative career playing tournaments.

Off-Field Careers

Some sports lovers will become successful managers and coaches without having played any sport to a high level. Whereas, for jobs in administration and physiotherapy, great sports knowledge isn’t a necessity though it helps. For anyone working in a sporting environment having a positive outlook is important, and this applies to people who aren’t participants. No team or individual will always be successful and, as a result, an upbeat personality will be valued during the difficult times.

Writing And Commentating

Writing and commentating are other ways of making a living from a sport that you love. Whether it’s becoming a journalist, a blogger, or writing books, there are plenty of avenues open to anyone who is knowledgeable, and who can write well about a sport. The internet has really opened up many possibilities, as it’s easy to set up a blog, website, or self publish your own books. Commentating on TV or radio is another alternative, for those with the skill of describing a sport in an knowledgeable and entertaining way. It will be helpful to have a personable manner, too, as a gift for interviewing people will often be a requirement for sports commentators.

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