How to Manage Your Racing Car Collection

Whether one is a fan of modern racing cars or enjoys classic models, a racing car collection can prove to be an interesting hobby as well as a lucrative investment. Still, properly managing these vehicles can be easier said than done. When planning to set up such a collection, there are some key variables that should always be addressed beforehand.


Storage will be a primary concern. All vehicles should be placed within an environment that is maintained at a constant temperature and that has low levels of humidity. This will help to extend the longevity of the cars while issues such as rust and tyre rot can be mitigated. Also, the area itself must be secured from prying eyes and even a potential burglary.

Moving the Vehicles

Whether rotating tyres or performing oil changes, the cars will need to be moved from time. One of the best ways to safely accomplish this is to employ a portable car mover. These are safe and easy to use. These devices will also help to protect the undercarriage of a vehicle (this is a concern when using a standard jack).


Insurance is an overlooked concern that needs to be taken quite seriously. However, it should be mentioned here that normal policies tend not to cover a racing car collection. The user will instead require special packages. This will depend upon the make and model of vehicle. For a larger collection, a “fleet” plan could be possible; offering the potential benefit of lower monthly premiums.


Any racing car collection is a very real financial investment. It is always wise to have all of the vehicles appraised from time to time. Depending upon the car market and the current economic situation, prices may fluctuate substantially. Knowing how much an entire collection is worth will provide clarity in terms of any future sales (or even an additional purchase).

These are some of the tops tips for properly managing a racing car collection. Over time, this can be just as much of a lifestyle as it is a hobby.

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