eSports; the New Sport

eSports, also known as electronic sports, e-sports or competitive video gaming, is a relatively new form of video game play. Simply put it is a multiplayer video game played usually by professionals and takes place in front of an audience or even with live feeds uploaded online. The types of games played can be anything from combat sports, soccer games or even first person shooter games. In recent years this form of sport has really taken off.

But is it truly a sport? Many people would argue that it is not, as there is no physicality involved. However, many others argue that eSports are simply sports of the mind and therefore should most certainly be classified as such. It seems fair in this progressively digital and technological age, that eSports be taken seriously as the new up and coming sporting activity. After all, there are literally millions of people who tune in to watch the competitions, root for their favourite players, and even place bets. In some cases attendance is higher than at more traditional physical sporting events.

Betting on eSport events has never been higher. With its easy access and simple set up, casinos are starting to follow this trend with a number of Las Vegas casinos adding eSports to their repertoires. Casinos are already large venues and they are more than capable of setting up the requirements to host some of the eSports big annual tournaments. Whilst eSporting events are taking place annually, currently there is no one single place to hold eSport events 365 days per year, and this is where, potentially, casinos can step in.

With eSports continually growing, games constantly being added to the repertoire and serious talks of eSports featuring in the Olympics as early as 2020, there seems to be little doubt that this is the next big thing.

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