Choosing the right motorsport for you

Motorsports have to be one of the exciting past times that modern sport has to offer. Even just watched on TV, the thrill of high powered, high octane racing which pits the nerve and skill of drivers against each other over a wide variety of tracks and courses is something that will get your pulse running. Seeing an event live, with the smell of gasoline in your nose and the noise of the engines roaring past, will make you a convert for life.

Types of Motorsport

With all the thrills and spills awaiting you, the only choice you need to make is which motorsport to follow:

  • Formula 1 – this is by far and away the biggest motorsport on the planet. It covers 5 continents and has drivers from all over the world. The 16 race season runs from March to November and now includes some night time races out in Dubai, as well as the iconic tracks in Monaco and Argentina. This is for you if you like high speed racing and lots of interesting technical touches in the pit lanes.
  • Formula E – a new concept and potential rival to Formula 1, Formula E is a 10 race format just for electric cars. It’s designed to push technology forward in the field as well as providing a more level playing field for racers. You can also help influence the outcome of the race by giving racers a Fan Boost through social media following.
  • Rallying – if you like your races a bit more dirty and death defying, then rallying will be your sport. Rather than racing laps around a circuit, rallying is all about pitting the driver against a time trial course over rough terrain. The sheer skill involved to keep the car on the road is worth watching alone.
  • Moto GP – some people aren’t interested in car racing and prefer the all out insanity that is Moto GP, where motorcycles race round 12 tracks in different countries. The one thing to watch out for is the dangerously low angles at which the riders make the corners which can often turn into dramatic slides and crashes.

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